The first signs of autumn

Colored leaves and golden sunlight; autumn has started. 

Chiron Floris, TITTIES shirt

I was asked if I could take pictures of the “Titties” shirt, designed by Chiron Floris. Together with Chiron and my friend/muse Roos, we went to a beautiful place and took pictures in the warm afternoonsun. Photographing for clothing brands is something quite new for me, but I really like it. I challenge myself to take creative shots and still having the main focus on the clothing. 

The location of the shoot was really beautiful and we already spotted the first signs of autumn. Roos and I took many more pictures during the golden hour, but these ones have to wait for another time :). 

Soft light through curtains

Pictures of Susanne & selfportraits

A flying carpet with Hanani

An evening with Florian & Tina

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. Again. Currently I’m kinda figuring out what I want for my blog and focussing on other things....

To break this long silence I’ll share some pictures from a lovely evening with Tina and Florian.  A few weeks ago we met in Amsterdam. We talked a lot, ate ice cream by the water, watched the sunrise and took some pictures. I'm still so grateful to meet such kind and inspiring people through Instagram!

The pictures of me are taken by Tina. 

A hidden lake

After a train journey of almost 3 hours I arrived in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. I came here to visit a friend who lives here in a lovely house with a big garden,  kangaroos (!) and  deers. The scenery was so peaceful  and while we were cycling through the nature, I almost had the feeling I was in another country. 
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